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New term!

A very big welcome back everyone!

We hope everyone has had a lovely summer and rest.

Classes are now back in full swing and it is so lovely to see everyone again and to also see lots of new smiling faces!

If you are new to RFTS we send you a very big hello and looking forward to seeing you progress in your classes!

We had so much fun this year at our Dance and Acro camps!

This is the first year we have run these and they were a huge success!

We hope everyone who attended had as much fun as we did!

We have lots of things coming up at RFTS: Exams in October and December, Festivals, Competitions, Halloween Dress Up and a Christmas party!

Our first dance festival back is this weekend and our competition team are raring to go!

We would like to wish every single one competing this weekend huge success- go smash it girls!!

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