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Wow! What a show!

At RFTS we are just coming back following the success of our recent show at the Retford Majestic Theatre!

We had the most brilliant day performing our routines to all that came to watch resulting in our very first standing ovation!

What an experience that was!

Everyone from the staff at the theatre to the audience - parents, relatives, chaperones and friends said how professional, entertaining and captivating the whole show was!

From the really tiny ones to our most senior pupils everyone gave it their all!

We are so pleased to be able to offer such an amazing experience to all who attend RFTS and we know that those memories will stay with them forever!

For our senior dancer Emily this was her last show as she moves to attend university in Australia in October! Emily has been the most amazing pupil at RFTS and we are so pleased at the beautiful young lady and dancer she has become! Emily and her mum Kath have been vaulable and treasured members of the school and we will miss them both so much but we know that only great things lie ahead for Emily!

For the rest of our pupils it is time to get back to our all important exam work to keep our amazing technique up to scratch and to ensure all are progressing with their dance studies!

Some of our pupils have been out performing at various events - adding to their list of performance opportunities we offer at RFTS!

We love to be busy at RFTS - watch this space for more of us coming your way!

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